Dave Summer Campaign

The conquest

How close I feel to Vess, how our fates intertwine…. the very being that holds the key to my acension….

Thus far I have come across:

Ghouls – while savage in nature, they possess a nature that belies their experience and can combine to create harrowing experiences. They can cause ghoul fever.

Harpy – Past the initial song, these beasts are not a prestige quarry. Use caution in apprehension as they favor heavy armor

Blue shockers – Lizards who are proven combatants and deserve respect. Approach with extreme caution

Chatterers – Creatures resembling awful apes, who chatter about so fiercely…

Stirges – Large mosquito like creatures that seem to sling upon prey fiercely.

more to come

My experiences grow!
Leomund's journal entry #1

On this eighth day of Deepwinter, year of our lord 1372:

When I left the abbey to find myself, I discovered that I would find nothing worth protecting…

Kelemvor guide my hand as I inscribe these words to my log. The weather grows increasingly colder, and I grow ever more impatient. In my quest to undergo the rights of the Doomguides, I have strayed from the path to gather material wealth. I initially believed this a blessing and a boon to my cause, allowing for stronger armaments and force, and yet I forgot the blessing of Kelemvor would be my shining salvation all along.

Venturing with the Black Foxes, I have learned much outside of the abbey walls that Astorias himself would not be able to pass on. The abundance of races! The smell of the local fare! The pleasures of Chondathan ale! Many life lessons learned as well. Members have come and gone but we remain united in our cause for the righteousness of those who would require it, although our individual goals may differ…

Darlien Swiftshot. The name resounds throughout the local area with rumors of the swift death, the silent killer. Never one to question a bounty, his bow knows no equal in the region. His skill with a blade is one to behold as well, dividing a ghoul in half before me was a sight to behold indeed! Darlien seems to view his companions with wary eyes, however he seems to pose no threat to our group and even has proven a faithful ally. Ever loyal to our charter, he would prove a benefit in my cause.

Zefrin Kalantus. I grew up in the abbey knowing of only my kind, save for Barka. Barka harbored a hatred of his own kind as he viewed himself a tax upon his mother, his own life being an abomination in his own eyes. And of those words he often spoke I thought to find no other orc hybrids in this land who would favor righteousness and justice. Zefrin has proven me wrong. She is a champion of fairness and justice and has proven on many occasions that she is willing to lay her life down for her companions as she nealry lost her life in the cavern beneath the sodding wizard Sionaas’ tower by placing her body in the path of the enemy swarm that nearly overtook us. An adventure I would surely enjoy forgetting… I will pay that confounding mage a visit whence my strength grows, on this I swear. Her combat prowess is skillful, just as long as it isn’t from horseback. Her heart pure, she will surely aid my cause.

Seraphina. A mistress of the dance with fists of stone, she is a double edged sword with equal skill in both flair and force. Her past remains a mystery, and recent events cause ever more curiosity as during our recent visit to the Old Rock Isles on our way to the Hagneedle Isles, we were attacked by a rather insideous Harpy. I rushed to warn the others of the beasts’ song, however it was too late. We nearly lost Zefrin and Darlien to it’s song as they followed the beast over the cliff into the frigid waters below. Seraphina removed her garments and then dove right in to save them. My curiosity grew to new heights as I saw her emerge and then walk around with little to no care for the frigid temperatures of the icy water and air. Something is very unique about her and very mysterious… although her loyalty is one I shall not question again. She would be an asset to my cause.

Astorias would be proud of the man I have become I hope, and I hope to slay the creature Vess to complete my training as a Doomguide. I must be patient however, as this the social order of this land shifts like the sand of the shore. In one year two new nations have arisen, and a king has fallen. War is ever present across the lands as far as I hear from the locals. King Azon met with an untimely fate at the hands of the goblin hordes I hear. the Moonshae Isles have become prosperous and the Silver Marshes have been declared a nation! Such daunting times indeed.

Nothing worth protecting is what I found within me as I ventured on, but I did find what I wish to protect. My companions, the people of this land and all lands! To prevent an untimely end to those who are being ravaged by war, to offer guidance to those who fear death and to offer swift justice to those who would use the powers of undeath to create unholy abominations! My purpose is to be your right hand Kelemvor, and I will do so without pause until I one day meet you at your side when my time has come.

As I write this, it appears that our latest venture proved unfruitful, as the rumors of a meeting of spirit and living was to take place near the monument to Holden. Nothing took place and we left the safety of Poisson to venture westward. I wonder what lies ahead…

Campaign session the second!!

The Black Foxes searched the old rock isles and come under attack by a harpy! After nearly losing Zefrin ‘Zef’ Kalantus and Darlien Swiftshot to her song, Seraphina and Leomund manage to utilize a combination of martial prowess and magic stones fired from a sling to fell the beast as she swiftly attempted to pin the Cleric. After a brief return and rest at Poisson Village, the group decides to ride towards the city of Starmantle after a fruitless campaign of discovery in the Holden woods.

On the road a pack of ghouls led by a dark stranger attacked a caravan carrying a princess towards the west, overturning a carriage and killing some of the horses. A lone ironclad warrior fended them as best he could. The group dispatched the ghouls and forced the dark creature to turn into mist and flee, but not before suffering losses of their own. Many wounds were inflicted and as the group knows based upon their previous experience with ghouls, they harbor a contagion within their jowls that weakens a victim and should the victim perish, they will rise as a ghoul! They must head to a settlement soon to recuperate


12 Ghouls
1 Vampire Spawn




coin purse 30gp 40sp

Campaign session the first!

The Black Foxes head to Poisson Village on the Hidden Coast.

2 Ghouls
1 Shocker Lizard
20 burrowing biters
1 burrowing biter mother
2 stirge
6 gibberlings
4 small vipers

1250gp each from completion
1263 xp each

Party Loot (one shot)

Session 0 – One shot loot

49pp 5gp 5sp each


After session negotiations
Ring Sold to Matt for 200gp – 50gp (His share)
Each other member receives 50 gp
All other loot has been divvied up

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