Poisson Village

Poisson Village

There used to be a village at the mouth of the Mermaid’s Tears River, but it was raided so often by pirates that the villagers moved up the coast to the cliffs. The new settlement became known as Poisson’s Village, named after the captain of the garrison that constructed the village’s first fortress. Since the fortress’s construction a decade ago, pirate activity on land decreased and the Free Trail within a day of Poisson is generally safe.

The Black Foxes had a Adventuring job here for the mayor of Poisson Koral Liernan. He asked them to investigate the wizard Sionaas who had just moved into the area.And whether he will destabilize the balance of power in the region. Sionaas was using labor from the village of Poisson to build his tower and the village can ill-afford the drain on man power and resources the wizard has created should the area’s pirates come raiding.

Small Village. population (460)

Known NPC’s: Mayor Koral Liernan, Initiate Clarissa (Tymora), Orwyn (boy)

Inns. The Silver Dragon (common), The Drunken Wench (poor)


Poisson Village

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