Dave Summer Campaign

Campaign session the second!!

The Black Foxes searched the old rock isles and come under attack by a harpy! After nearly losing Zefrin ‘Zef’ Kalantus and Darlien Swiftshot to her song, Seraphina and Leomund manage to utilize a combination of martial prowess and magic stones fired from a sling to fell the beast as she swiftly attempted to pin the Cleric. After a brief return and rest at Poisson Village, the group decides to ride towards the city of Starmantle after a fruitless campaign of discovery in the Holden woods.

On the road a pack of ghouls led by a dark stranger attacked a caravan carrying a princess towards the west, overturning a carriage and killing some of the horses. A lone ironclad warrior fended them as best he could. The group dispatched the ghouls and forced the dark creature to turn into mist and flee, but not before suffering losses of their own. Many wounds were inflicted and as the group knows based upon their previous experience with ghouls, they harbor a contagion within their jowls that weakens a victim and should the victim perish, they will rise as a ghoul! They must head to a settlement soon to recuperate


12 Ghouls
1 Vampire Spawn




coin purse 30gp 40sp



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